Waist training, also known as waist cinching or tight-lacing, is the process of slowly slimming down the waist in the course of many months with the use of a corset consisting of steel bones. The process of waist training came into prominence first during the Victorian period. It faded in the later years, but in the last few years it has again gained much limelight – thanks to rising awareness about obesity, an attempt to shape the body by ordinary women and use of best waist cincher by many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. If you have are going to begin waist cinching, you should remember the following 4 things in order to train your waist in a proper manner.

Determine your body shape

The first step is to determine your body shape, and know whether you have a pear, an apple or a ruler shape. The female body is generally categorized into any of these three shapes. Once you determine this, you will easily be able to under which type of corset would be ideal for your body shape.

Look for proper body support

The best types of cinchers can gently push up your bust, lengthen your torso and provide your spine with proper support. You can wear these as fashion accessories under your dresses and be able to slim down your mid section and the waist in order to change your body shape in the most dramatic manner. These dresses provide your body with compression and can enhance the circulation, perspiration and thermal energy of your body. A waist cincher can reduce the amount of toxins and fats in your body and can help your muscles to operate in the fullest possible extent. You can appear smoother, slimmer and sexier.


Look for cinchers which come in a blend of more than one layer of fabric. This way, the waist area of the outfits can ensure pressure. If it gets decompressed easily, it is not the ideal corset to go for. The corsets of the best type are very strong but soft in feel. This ideal combination of strength with softness makes cinchers the right blend of power and beauty.


Look for cinchers that are equipped with satin coutils and also made of steel bones. The more the amount of steel bones in the outfit, the better it can be for you. Look for bones at the opening of the back and in between the eyelets. Otherwise, the eyelets of this outfit will drop off once you tighten the cincher. Look for the presence of two steel bones, one on each side of each seam. This is especially important in case the corset is of a bigger size. The more the number of panels in the design of your corset, the better it will be for you. This is due to the reason that the panels can lead to a rise in the number of steel bones in your corset and improve its shaping. You need to avoid using corsets that come with 3 or 4 panels on every side, as these are inferior in quality.