What New Jersey Businesses Need to Know When Looking for Oil Tank Removal Services

If you are reading this then it’s safe to say your organization is looking for an oil tank removal NJ company, or you are in the early stages of simply considering the idea of having a provider come to your place of business to search for buried oil tanks.

More New Jersey based corporations and businesses are calling local oil tank removal companies to come perform oil tank inspection services and remove any buried tanks that are detected. First, it shows your customers and employees that you are about safety, and when you can show this you promote greater trust in your brand’s reputation. Second, by dealing with any potential leaking oil tank contaminating your soil, you are avoiding state and government fines, as well as a potential lawsuit from customers, employees or visitors to your property. Finally, if your company leads to the removal of one more oil tank in NJ, you are making the Garden State all the more green while supporting the environment, and that’s something you can write about in a PR piece. Just make sure you work with the right oil tank removal company to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Make Sure the Oil Tank Removal NJ Company is Licensed

First things first, if you are going to call an oil tank removal NJ company to come perform services on your commercial property, make sure they are licensed, certified and bonded. The most trustworthy and skilled oil tank removal companies are certified and licensed with the following bodies:

NJ Business Registration
NJ Division of Consumer Affairs
NJ Division of Property Management and Construction
NJ Employee Information Report
NJ Public Works Registration
NJ Schools Development
NJ Small Business Enterprise
NJ Solid Waste Transporter
Pennsylvania Waste Transporter
Pennsylvania Company Tank Certificate
NJ Weights and Measures

Some of these simply testify to the oil tank removal company’s commitment to full transparency and community, while other certifications are essential for performing tasks safely. In fact, there have been instances where organizations hire oil tank removal companies that aren’t certified or licensed in the appropriate areas, and as a result their insurance won’t cover them for property damage. Working with true certified and bonded oil tank removal specialists is crucial to protecting your business.

Look at the Oil Tank Removal Company’s Portfolio

In order to really gauge if the oil tank removal company is an industry leader offering only the best quality services in the state of New Jersey, take a look at their past projects and industries served. A good company will have their name stamped in the petroleum industry, environmental construction, manufacturing plants, and other areas. Specific jobs in a solid portfolio should include AST compliance testing, tank installation, soil remediation, shoring and site remediation. When an oil tank removal company has an expansive range of experience, it shows their skills are broad and they are trusted by multiple industries.