Nature does not know about walls

There has always been a good exchange between the United States and Mexico, people cross with their tourist visa from Mexico to the United States for their theme parks and shopping in general and others cross from the United States to Mexico for tequila, tacos and dental implants Tijuana, the relationship always flowed well until the arrival of President Trump in which since his presidential campaign gave the Mexicans a bad name, discriminating against them and even promised the construction of the border wall, although it is true that this way of crossing is illegal and incorrect, in reality this The wall will not only affect immigrants who intend to enter the United States, but about 90 threatened or endangered species that live between both countries.

This reality is even more worrisome since the US Congress has approved more than 1,600 million dollars to begin to raise the wall, that although this budget will not cover the 3,180 kilometers of border, if it can affect a large area, in specific to the area near the Pacific Ocean coast where the nature is wetlands, streams and other rare wildlife habitats, fundamental for endangered species. One of the rarest species that exist only in this area is the California pearlite. If it changes its ecosystem, it can become extinct.

In addition to the animals that live in this area, we can also find seasonally the bison that migrate from the cold when winter arrives in Arizona and New Mexico, United States. These half-ton animals begin their route to Mexico from October, when the temperature begins to drop and find shelter in private ranches north of Chihuahua, as in the Janos Reserve, located in the extreme northwest of the state.

60 percent of the border between the two nations is natural, a wild area where, in addition to the endangered species, there are about 800 between flora and fauna according to the Institute of Ecology of the UNAM. The good news is that the environmental coalition led by the Sierra Club and the Center for Biological Diversity appealed in a US court for the construction, considering that the Trump administration can not accelerate the work on the wall because it lacks the authority to suspend environmental laws.