Nature and Use of Water

The World Water Day 2018 is dedicated to the theme “The Nature of Water”, with the aim of exploring the solutions based on nature to the water challenges we face in the 21st century.

Water is an essential element of sustainable development. Water resources, and the wide variety of services they provide, play a key role in reducing poverty, economic growth and environmental sustainability. «Water promotes the welfare of the population and inclusive growth, and has a positive impact on the lives of billions of people, by influencing issues that affect food and energy security, human health and the environment », Underline UN specialists on the official website of World Water Day.

According to this official source, “currently more than 663 million people live without drinking water supply near their home, which forces them to spend hours queuing or moving to distant sources, as well as to deal with health problems due to the consumption of contaminated water », points out this organism. If your dentist in Mexico takes care of the water, it means that he will also take care of your teeth in the same way

This year’s celebration focuses on exploring how nature can help us overcome the challenges of water in the 21st century. Environmental problems, together with climate change, cause the crises associated with water resources that occur throughout the world. Floods, droughts and water pollution are aggravated by the degradation of vegetation cover, soils, rivers and lakes. “When we neglect ecosystems, we hinder access to water resources, essential to survive and thrive,” environmental experts point out.

Natural solutions can respond to many of the challenges related to water. Much remains to be done to implement the ecological infrastructures and harmonize them with traditional infrastructures wherever possible. “Planting forests, reconnecting rivers with alluvial plains and restoring wetlands will restore balance to the water cycle, in addition to improving public health and livelihoods,” the same sources point out.