Going back to nature is going back to ourselves

Recovering part of our nature: animals and plants. Today we are surrounded by asphalt jungles. Being in contact with animals and nature is inherent to the human being. We have evolved around these. It is interesting to know information about nature and some types of animals.

Search for new sensations in ancestral plants
Throughout evolution our species has sought all the resources that nature has provided. A very large number of plants have been and are used for various purposes for thousands of years; be it curative, recreational, hedonistic, etc.

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Currently marijuana is used for fun, to have a good time; by introspection, to unravel the mysteries of oneself; for medicinal use, it reduces pains of different pathologies; to get reacquainted with nature and much more.

It is important to know where it comes from what we consume, the process it has gone through, the substrates that have been used, etc. If we do it ourselves we will know everything that the product will carry and what has happened. In short, it will be more natural.

The owners of the cold in Siberia: the Siberian Husky.
Along with the plants the dogs have been with us for tens of thousands of years. The dogs were domesticated and today they are part of our families. They are pets, friends and companions. Dogs give us affection and affection and keep us company.

A very peculiar dog that we would all recognize at first sight for its typical characteristics of its breed is the Siberian Husky. A dog that unravels interest in many people. Since it is particularly peculiar and different from the others.

It is also called Eskimo dog, and it supports extremely low temperatures. In addition to adapting to a hostile environment is an intelligent, independent and affectionate dog. Despite what is believed, it adapts easily to homes with other animals.

By its nature it is a dog that discerns its behavior in the game, at home and at home. That’s why they need rules, they know how to get used to their environment. They have an ability to escape, because in their habitat they have to move continuously.

Anyone can have a Siberian Husky. For this it is necessary to learn about the different aspects necessary for the dog to be as comfortable as possible, for example, weather and to treat it well. It is a but that can conquer the heart.

The owners of the Arctic, able to withstand subzero temperatures on a daily basis.
From an animal that lives in the cold Siberia we pass to another one that lives with similar temperatures. The cold south pole is where the penguins live. Its habitat is restricted to certain places on the planet that have the right climate for adaptation.

We conceive the penguins as birds that walk in a curious way and can not fly, they are the funny ones of the zoo. If we leave our prejudices and seek information about them, we will learn a lot about this species.

They are animals that can reach 60 kilometers per hour on land and endure under water for more than 20 minutes. They go in a group, they have a great cohesion with their peers. Also, they have a great connection between them. They are great fishermen.

When it comes to raising their eggs, they make a huge effort. While the males are taking care of the eggs as a group, the females embark on a journey of several thousand kilometers to bring food to their young. If they do not return, their offspring will not prosper.

These animals live around 20 years if they are not eaten by predators that live in their habitat. They have to escape from marine leopards, sea lions and killer whales. Which greatly exceed their size and strength.

The forgotten: the animals that become extinct.
Penguin habitat is reduced, and increasingly due to global warming. The heat causes the poles to melt and the habitat of these peculiar birds to be restricted year after year. There are animals that are in much worse situations.